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In addition to the core Seurat package, we provide several extensions that enhance the functionality and utility of Seurat. A brief description of each is listed below with links to more complete documentation and examples.


Signac is an R toolkit that extends Seurat for the analysis, interpretation, and exploration of single-cell chromatin datasets. Currently in active development, the software supports the following features:

For documentation and vignettes, click here

Seurat Data

SeuratData is a mechanism for distributing datasets in the form of Seurat objects using R’s internal package and data management systems. It represents an easy way for users to get access to datasets that are used in the Seurat vignettes. For more information, click here.

Seurat Wrappers

In order to facilitate the use of community tools with Seurat, we provide the Seurat Wrappers package, which contains code to run other analysis tools on Seurat objects. For a full list of supported packages and vignettes, please see our vignettes page.