Welcome to the Satija Lab

Our goal is to understand how cellular heterogeneity encodes the molecular structure, function, and regulation of complex biological systems. Primarily using single cell genomics, we analyze systems by profiling their most fundamental units individually - a ‘bottom-up’ approach that allows us to study how diverse groups of cells work together to drive biological processes and behaviors.

We’re located at the New York Genome Center in Lower Manhattan, a short walk from our joint appointment at the NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology .

Recent News

1/15/20 Interested in single cell genomics but need help getting started? Come to our fourth annual Single Cell Genomics Day workshop, focused on exciting recent developments in the field.

12/1/19 Check out some of our 2019 publications on multiplexing, integration, normalization, and cardiopharyngeal fate specification.

11/26/18 We’re excited to release Seurat v3.1! Includes support for spatial transcriptomics datasets, alongside new methods for integration, and multimodal analysis.

11/14/19 We are thrilled to participate in the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Essential Open Source Software for Science Program!

11/1/18 Check out some of our 2018 publications on inhibitory interneurogenesis, multimodal single cell profiling, human hematopoiesis, cardiophyrangeal fate specification, and rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissue.

2/5/18 Christoph designed our “How many cells” and “Cost per cell” tools, to help plan experimental design.