Christoph designed our "How many cells" tool, to help think about experimental design.


The lab has been selected for the 2016 NIH New Innovator Award. We’re looking forward to growing and are recruiting postdocs!


Check out our webinar with Nature and 10X genomics: "Defining the immune system at single cell resolution with Seurat"


Lana Harshman and Jan Slabbaert join the lab! Lana is our new lab manager and joins us from Evan Eichler's lab at the University of Washington. Jan joins as a postdoc after completing his PhD in Neuroscience at KU Leuven in Patrik Vestreken's lab.


Interested in single cell genomics but need help getting started? Come to my lab's free practical workshop at NYGC: "Single Cell Genomics Day 2016"